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Les plans de Martin Bruusgaard pour le PvP

Ecrit par Apophis, le 14-08-2012

Martin Bruusgaard, Lead Designer de The Secret World, a posté sur le forum officiel un billet (en anglais) détaillant les changements (ou justement leur absence, pour certaines questions d'équilibrage) à venir en PvP de haut niveau. Sont ainsi notamment concernés Fusang, l'Eldorado et Stonehenge. Attention, il faut noter qu'un de ces changements au moins va également affecter les joueurs PvE, puisqu'il est prévu d'ajuster le buff de Domination mondiale, ce qui pourrait se faire en y enlevant certaines caractéristiques extrêmement utiles en PvE. Retrouvez l'intégralité de cette intervention dans la suite de ce post.


High level PvP plans

This is our overall plan for the main PvP issues (not everything is listed here):

Fusang :

* Fusang was never meant to be a circle zerg, we are working on pacing this down. Capping a facility will now take longer, and the faction that just lost it will most likely have a chance to regain it.
* We will incentivize defense of a facility
* Fusang lacks a climax, and we want to make the middle base more special
* Incentivize players to play Fusang for longer. Make sure they always have something to do.
* Add a respawn timer to anima wells.

Eldorado and Stonehenge :  

* Implement incentives to get people into the minigames (Eldorado is awesome, and you should play it!)
* Make map symmetrical
* Make sure you can't be out of LoS from middle, and still score points. We will reduce the "score circle", so you have to be on the inside of the stones.
* Allow players to sign up for any battlefield.

General :

* We are looking at the reward scheme for both Fusang and the minigames. The price for PvP talisman upgrade kits will most likely go down.
* Constantly looking at abilities and TTK (time to kill). We will most likely not do a sweepy change of reducing damage in PvP, or buffing everyones HP. That will just shift the imbalance, and favour certain builds. However, we will look at the individual abilities, and change them if we see that they are OP. When someone complains about a certain build or ability, there is usually a counter for it. The issue is often that the fights, and groups, are too unorganized.
* Adjust the World Domination buff. This might include removing some stats that are highly useful in PvE.
*General terrain exploits will be fixed
* Fix CC-breaker pots

Edit :
Yes, we're also working on faction imbalance issues.
Yes, we're looking at the upgrade scheme for PvP rewards (10.3 vs 10.4)
Added a point about signing up for both battlefields

Martin H Bruusgaard
Lead Designer
The Secret World

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